The Best Place To Be in SL

A friendly club and Kittycats secondary market with weekly cat auctions, raffles & rentals. We have shops, bid boards, & carts for rent. Surf & Fish with 7seas or play games to win prizes. 9T cats, special furs & costumes, & rare kitties.

A Social Dance Club

With Live DJs

Our DJs are a part of our family just like you. We run events from Thursay – Friday every week. Our DJs just love to chat and mingle, take requests and get to know our guests. We can’t wait to make you part of the family.

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Our Tiki Kittycat Auction takes place every Thursday at 1:30 PM SLT.

We just love getting to know other breeders and seeing their fantastic kitties. Join us, grab a panel or come see what the breeders are showing off this week.

We have a lovely fishing area with both 7seas and Virtual Fishing. We have hundreds of custom 7seas fishing prizes for you to catch. If you love fishing, you’ll love our beach.

Camelot Kitty Auction

Every Wednesday at 5:00 am slt

Camelot Kitty Auction Invitation

His Majesty King Arthur Pendragon and his lady Queen Guinevere invite you to attend the Camelot Kitty Auction at 5 am slt.
If you so choose to join the Royal Court and place a kitty to be auctioned. There is a panel fee of a mere 25L.

Your auctioneer will be Sir John0than Masters

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