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Tiki KittyCatS Auction

Auction Time: Thursday 1:30pm SLT Stage-Listing – Somewhere…. – Area 01 (kittycats.de) Panel 1 Fur:Bengal – CopperEyes:Odyssey Sublime (Mysterious|Small)Shade:TwinkleTail:Super PoshEars:RoundedWhiskers:Butterscotch Tipped Black (Wavy)Size:NormalOwner:ArcadiamystOpening Bid: 500L Fur: Toyger – SnowEyes: FlowerChild OrangeSkies, Grey MatterShade: Radiant, BrilliantTail: SashayEars: Scotty FoldWhiskers: Grey Tipped BlackWhisker Shape: Swanky Lite Panel 2 Fur:Balinese – Flame LynxEyes:Odyssey

Furever Beach Patron Auction – Ragdoll

Auction Time: 1st Thursday in Month 9:00am SLT Stage-Listing – Somewhere…. – Area 02 (kittycats.de) Panel 1 Fur:Chimera – Black GreyEyes:Dreamy Oasis (Mysterious|Big)Shade:BrilliantTail:MysteriousEars:MysteriousWhiskers:Butterscotch Tipped Black (Swanky Lite)Size:NormalOwner:RagdollSessanOpening Bid: 300L Fur: SolidEyes: SolidShade: SolidTail: CBS, Plush, Super PoshEars: CBS or Equine, Dreamy Fold, TuftedWhiskers: SolidWhisker Shape: Solid Panel 2 Fur:Genesis –

Furever Beach Patron Auction – Ragdoll

Join us at the 1st Furever Beach Patron Auction.Thursday, March 4th, 9am slt. Patron Ragdoll has set up a amazing line of kitties for you. Magic Memory, Fancie, Ody Circus, FC Goodvib, Fancie Sage Diamond eyes. Sibling pairs, Confetti cat, Chimera Black/grey with Dreamy O and MEGAS.Have a peek: https://cat.kittycats.de/lsstage.php?id=253

Calypso Bay Kitty Auction

Calypso Bay Kitty Auction  Auction Time: Tuesday 8:00am SLThttps://cat.kittycats.de/lsstage.php?id=235 Panel 1 Fur:Abyssinian – LilacEyes:Jade (Mysterious|Small)Shade:IllumeTail:Tiger CurlEars:Scotty FoldWhiskers:2 Tone Black & White (Double Plush)Size:NormalOwner:princealexis26Opening Bid: 500L Fur: Tiger! – LavenderEyes: Soul WhisperShade: Sparkle, BrilliantTail: Snappy, Super PoshEars: TuftedWhiskers: CBS or Latte, Chocolate TippedWhisker Shape: CBS or Double Dreamy Panel 2 Fur:Chateau

Calypso Bay Kitty Auction

Calypso Bay Kitty AuctionAuction Time: Tuesday 8:00am SLThttps://cat.kittycats.de/lsstage.php?id=235]https://cat.kittycats.de/lsstage.php?id=235 LexiPanel 1 Fur:Tiger! – Dusky PlumEyes:Blinking Garden (Mysterious|Small)Shade:TwinkleTail:Super PoshEars:Mysterious Odyssey FoldWhiskers:White (Swanky Lite) Opening Bid: 500L Those Sneaky Hiders:Fur: Toyger SnowEyes: GMShade: Flash, BlushTail: SashayEars: Scotty Fold, chn of Tiger FoldWhiskers: Cream, Latte, Flame or CTWhisker Shape: Solid AnnabelPanel 2 Fur:Siamese –

The Flying Dutchman Kitty Auction

Stage-Listing – Somewhere…. – Area 04 (kittycats.de) Auction Time: Thursday 9:00am SLT Panel 1 Fur:Foxie – SnowEyes:Odyssey Crystal Rose (Mysterious|Small)Shade:BlushTail:SashayEars:Tiger FoldWhiskers:Flame (Swanky Lite)Size:ToyOwner:Nellie NemethOpening Bid: 1000L Fur: Ocicat – PlatinumEyes: Grey MatterShade: Sparkle, BrilliantTail: SolidEars: Pixie TuftedWhiskers: Grey Tipped BlackWhisker Shape: Solid Panel 2 Fur:Chimera – Black GreyEyes:Grey Matter (Mysterious|Big)Shade:FlairTail:GenesisEars:TuftedWhiskers:Butterscotch

Calypso Bay Kitty Auction

Auction Time: Tuesday 8:00am SLT Stage-Listing – Somewhere…. – Area 05 (kittycats.de) Panel 1 Fur:Balinese – Seal LynxEyes:Morning Dew (Mysterious|Small)Shade:TwinkleTail:CuriousEars:RoundedWhiskers:White (Lite Dream)Size:NormalOwner:ArcadiamystOpening Bid: 500L Fur: CBS or Australian Mist – Dark ChocolateEyes: CBS or HuckleBerry, Odyssey Bellini, Exotic Journey, Tapestry OrganicaShade: CBS or BlushTail: Lush, Super PoshEars: CBS or Pointed

Calypso Bay Kittycat auction

https://cat.kittycats.de/lsstage.php?id=235Auction Time: Tuesday 8:00am SLT Panel 1 Fur:Cheetah! – TangerineEyes:Twilight (Mysterious|Small)Shade:BlushTail:SashayEars:Tiger FoldWhiskers:Grey Tipped Black (Swanky Lite)Size:NormalOwner:RagdollSessanOpening Bid: 300L Fur: Chateau Cat – Toffee CaramelEyes: CBS, FlowerChild Woodstock, Grey MatterShade: CBS or BrilliantTail: SolidEars: SolidWhiskers: SolidWhisker Shape: Solid Panel 2 Fur:Toyger – SnowEyes:Odyssey Crystal Rose (Mysterious|Small)Shade:NaturalTail:Super PoshEars:Odyssey No. 1Whiskers:Chocolate Tipped (Double

Kitty Carnival Auction

Tell your friends, it starts next Tuesday. OMGhttps://cat.kittycats.de/lsstage.php?id=235The kitty carnival auction is going to be great fun. Must own at least the parents of the cat you put up, no doubling up on furs unless different gender, you know my rules!🙂 Excited yet??? I AM!

Shops For rent

Large stores – 300 primshttp://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Furever%20Beach/164/74/1509Tiki Kitty Auction Shops 75 primshttp://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Furever%20Beach/128/140/32Flying Dutchman Shops 50 primshttp://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Furever%20Beach/132/158/1433Carnival Shops 50 primshttp://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Furever%20Beach/40/121/32 New kittens out Including some from my personal stash. 😉Twins, Reasonable prices, stunning hiders & morehttp://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Furever%20Beach/168/124/1003

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