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The FLYING DUTCHMAN Kitty Auction – Every Thursday 9:00am SLTAuctioneer: John0than MastersAuction Time: Every Thursday 9:00am SLT (except 1st THU in Month)https://cat.kittycats.de/lsstage.php?id=234 Raffle Kitty: Shorty Fur:Toyger – TawnyEyes:Malachite (Mysterious|Small)Shade:PorcelainTail:FluffyEars:Scotty FoldWhiskers:Blonde Streaked (Double Plush) 50L per ticket *************************************Ragdoll – ProxyPanel A Fur:Tiger! – Dusky PlumEyes:Tapestry Allure (Mysterious|Small)Shade:BlushTail:Super PoshEars:TuftedWhiskers:Plum Tipped Black (Swanky

The Pirates Cove Kitty Auction

Stage-Listing – Somewhere…. – Area 03 (kittycats.de) Auctioneer: John0than MastersAuction Time: Every Friday 2:00pm SLT (except 3rd FRI in Month)Setup End: Thursday 2:00pm SLT OMG! Check out this lineup!

Calypso Bay Kitty Auction

Auction Time: Tuesday 8:00am SLT Stage-Listing – Somewhere…. – Area 05 (kittycats.de) AlexisRaffle Kitty: Fur:Chateau Cat – Black & White No. 1Eyes:Pewter (Curious|Small)Shade:IllumeTail:CuriousEars:MysteriousWhiskers:Blonde Streaked (Mysterious) 50L Per Ticket AnnabelPanel 1 Fur:Chateau Cat – 3 Spot No. 1Eyes:Onyx (Mysterious|Small)Shade:IllumeTail:CuriousEars:Scotty FoldWhiskers:Latte (Sassy) Opening Bid: 500L The Parents: Those Sneaky Hiders: Fur: CBS

Tiki KittyCatS Auction

Tiki KittyCatS AuctionAuction Time: Thursday 1:30pm SLThttps://cat.kittycats.de/lsstage.php?id=192 P01 Fur:Australian Mist – CharcoalEyes:Morning Glory (Mysterious|Small)Shade:BlushTail:LushEars:Scotty FoldWhiskers:Latte (Mysterious)Size:NormalOwner:XxAnnabelLeexX P02 Fur:Cheetah! – LimeEyes:Exotic Seas (Mysterious|Big)Shade:NaturalTail:SportyEars:GenesisWhiskers:2 Tone Black & White (Guitar)Size:NormalOwner:faiiryduust P03 Fur:Cheetah! – Blue RaspberryEyes:BlueBerry (Mysterious|Small)Shade:TwinkleTail:SashayEars:Soft CurlWhiskers:Chocolate Tipped Flame (Lush)Size:NormalOwner:TheDreaming Button P04 Fur:American Shorthair – Red & White TabbyEyes:FlowerChild GoodVibrations (Mysterious|Small)Shade:BlushTail:Super FussyEars:GenesisWhiskers:Black (Swanky

Patron Auction: John0than

Aloha fellow kitty lovers. I invite you to my CatTales patron Auction.Friday, April 23rd, 9am slt.https://cat.kittycats.de/lsstage.php?id=206 P01 Fur:Cheetah! – Blue RaspberryEyes:Grey Matter (Mysterious|Small)Shade:PorcelainTail:WavyEars:Scotty FoldWhiskers:Blue Tipped White (Double Plush)Size:NormalOwner:John0than P02 Fur:Australian Mist – FawnEyes:Grey Matter (Mysterious|Small)Shade:SparkleTail:SashayEars:Scotty FoldWhiskers:Chocolate Tipped (Swanky Lite)Size:NormalOwner:John0than P03 Fur:Australian Mist – BlackEyes:Magic Memory (Mysterious|Small)Shade:TwinkleTail:Super PoshEars:Tiger FoldWhiskers:Butterscotch Tipped Black

Flying Dutchman Auction

Flying Dutchman AuctionAuction Time: Every Thursday 9:00am SLT (except 1st THU in Month)https://cat.kittycats.de/lsstage.php?id=234 1.Fur:Genesis – Smokey VEyes:Onyx (Mysterious|Small)Shade:NaturalTail:PlushEars:Odyssey No. 1Whiskers:Chocolate (Lush)Size:PetiteOwner:XxAnnabelLeexX 2.Fur:Ocicat – PlatinumEyes:FlowerChild GoodVibrations (Mysterious|Small)Shade:RadiantTail:SashayEars:TuftedWhiskers:Grey Tipped Black (Swanky Lite)Size:NormalOwner:AnastasyjaLorna 3.Fur:Toyger – CaramelEyes:Mint Julep (Mysterious|Small)Shade:BlushTail:LushEars:Scotty FoldWhiskers:Chocolate Tipped Flame (Swanky Lite)Size:NormalOwner:Colleen McConaught 4.Fur:Toyger – SnowEyes:FlowerChild Lucy (Mysterious|Small)Shade:TwinkleTail:PlushEars:Dreamy FoldWhiskers:Cream (Double Plush)Size:NormalOwner:helen Allegrant

Pirates Cove

Ahoy! Pirates Cove is buzzing with talk of the newest load of kitties the ships brought in, pilfered from the best breeders abroad in second life! Well, whatya know, Mateys, looks like they brought in a haul!Grab yer rum and yer lassies and head on over to the cove for

Calypso Bay Kitty Auction

Auction Time: Tuesday 8:00am SLT Stage-Listing – Somewhere…. – Area 05 (kittycats.de) Panel 1 Fur:Chateau Cat – Toffee CaramelEyes:Fancie Odyssey Circus (Mysterious|Small)Shade:BlushTail:Super PoshEars:Tiger FoldWhiskers:Grey Tipped Black (Swanky Lite)Size:NormalOwner:XxAnnabelLeexXOpening Bid: 3000L Fur: Chimera – Black GreyEyes: CBS or Odyssey Flutterby, Marble Magic, Grey MatterShade: SolidTail: SashayEars: SolidWhiskers: Grey Tipped WhiteWhisker Shape:

The Pirates Cove Kitty Auction

Auction Time: Every Friday 2:00pm SLT Stage-Listing – Somewhere…. – Area 03 (kittycats.de) Panel 1 Fur:Chateau Cat – Toffee CaramelEyes:Dreamy Oasis (Mysterious|Small)Shade:BlushTail:Super PoshEars:Scotty FoldWhiskers:Grey Tipped Black (Double Dreamy)Size:TeacupOwner:Lady StromfieldOpening Bid: 600L Fur: SolidEyes: SolidShade: BrilliantTail: SashayEars: SolidWhiskers: SolidWhisker Shape: Solid Panel 3 Fur: Foolin’ CaBBits nO. 46957740187482335926890467363021207Eyes: Violet (Shape: Mysterious


Auction Time: Every Thursday 9:00am SLT (except 1st THU in Month) Stage-Listing – Somewhere…. – Area 04 (kittycats.de) Panel 1 Fur:Snowshoe – CreamEyes:Grotto (Mysterious|Small)Shade:FlairTail:PlushEars:MysteriousWhiskers:2 Tone Black & White (Frazzled)Size:NormalOwner:faiiryduustOpening Bid: 500L Fur: Toyger – Tawny, Toyger – SnowEyes: Starry Ocean Blues, Grey MatterShade: Twinkle, BlushTail: Super Posh, SashayEars: Equine, Tufted,

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