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Calypso Bay Kitty Auction

Calypso Bay Kitty Auction  Auction Time: Tuesday 8:00am SLThttps://cat.kittycats.de/lsstage.php?id=235 Panel 1 Fur:Abyssinian – LilacEyes:Jade (Mysterious|Small)Shade:IllumeTail:Tiger CurlEars:Scotty FoldWhiskers:2 Tone Black & White (Double Plush)Size:NormalOwner:princealexis26Opening Bid: 500L Fur: Tiger! – LavenderEyes: Soul WhisperShade: Sparkle, BrilliantTail: Snappy, Super PoshEars: TuftedWhiskers: CBS or Latte, Chocolate TippedWhisker Shape: CBS or Double Dreamy Panel 2 Fur:Chateau

Tiki KittyCatS Auction

Stage-Listing – Somewhere…. – Area 01 (kittycats.de) Tiki KittyCatS Auction Auction Time: Thursday 1:30pm SLT Panel 1 Fur:Tiger! – TurquoiseEyes:RockTurquoise (Mysterious|Small)Shade:BlushTail:LushEars:Tiger FoldWhiskers:Chocolate (Curious)Size:NormalOwner:LittleAbsOpening Bid: 500L Fur: SolidEyes: CBS or Grey MatterShade: SolidTail: CBS or Super PoshEars: SolidWhiskers: CBS or Butterscotch Tipped BlackWhisker Shape: Dreamy, Swanky Lite Panel 2 Fur:Tiger! –


Auction Time: Every Thursday 9:00am SLT (except 1st THU in Month) Stage-Listing – Somewhere…. – Area 04 (kittycats.de) Panel 1 Fur:Foxie – Cocoa CreamEyes:Blinking Garden (Curious|Small)Shade:IllumeTail:GenesisEars:Scotty FoldWhiskers:Chocolate (Double Plush)Size:NormalOwner:LittleAbsOpening Bid: 400L Fur: CBS or Tonkinese – Lilac Tortie, poss. unknownEyes: CBS or Strawberry Bellini, poss. unknownShade: CBS or Twinkle, poss.

Calypso Bay Kitty Auction

Calypso Bay Kitty AuctionAuction Time: Tuesday 8:00am SLThttps://cat.kittycats.de/lsstage.php?id=235]https://cat.kittycats.de/lsstage.php?id=235 LexiPanel 1 Fur:Tiger! – Dusky PlumEyes:Blinking Garden (Mysterious|Small)Shade:TwinkleTail:Super PoshEars:Mysterious Odyssey FoldWhiskers:White (Swanky Lite) Opening Bid: 500L Those Sneaky Hiders:Fur: Toyger SnowEyes: GMShade: Flash, BlushTail: SashayEars: Scotty Fold, chn of Tiger FoldWhiskers: Cream, Latte, Flame or CTWhisker Shape: Solid AnnabelPanel 2 Fur:Siamese –

Live kitties & a grand opening!

Beautiful live kitties, ready to breed. Perfect for those looking to breed right away.http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Furever%20Beach/29/122/32Reasonable prices. GRAND OPENING A&L Products Store in Furever Beach Land. 30% and 50% OFF in Selected Items ONLY for this Valentine’s Weekend. (From Thursday 11th to Sunday 14th) Join free group to receive discounts. Backdrop, Products

The Flying Dutchman Kitty Auction

Stage-Listing – Somewhere…. – Area 04 (kittycats.de) Auction Time: Thursday 9:00am SLT Panel 1 Fur:Foxie – SnowEyes:Odyssey Crystal Rose (Mysterious|Small)Shade:BlushTail:SashayEars:Tiger FoldWhiskers:Flame (Swanky Lite)Size:ToyOwner:Nellie NemethOpening Bid: 1000L Fur: Ocicat – PlatinumEyes: Grey MatterShade: Sparkle, BrilliantTail: SolidEars: Pixie TuftedWhiskers: Grey Tipped BlackWhisker Shape: Solid Panel 2 Fur:Chimera – Black GreyEyes:Grey Matter (Mysterious|Big)Shade:FlairTail:GenesisEars:TuftedWhiskers:Butterscotch

Calypso Bay Kitty Auction

Auction Time: Tuesday 8:00am SLT Stage-Listing – Somewhere…. – Area 05 (kittycats.de) Panel 1 Fur:Balinese – Seal LynxEyes:Morning Dew (Mysterious|Small)Shade:TwinkleTail:CuriousEars:RoundedWhiskers:White (Lite Dream)Size:NormalOwner:ArcadiamystOpening Bid: 500L Fur: CBS or Australian Mist – Dark ChocolateEyes: CBS or HuckleBerry, Odyssey Bellini, Exotic Journey, Tapestry OrganicaShade: CBS or BlushTail: Lush, Super PoshEars: CBS or Pointed

Calypso Bay Kitty Auction

Auction Time: Tuesday 8:00am SLT Stage-Listing – Somewhere…. – Area 05 (kittycats.de) Panel 1 Fur:Chateau Cat – Toffee CaramelEyes:Genesis Sunflower (Mysterious|Small)Shade:NaturalTail:GenesisEars:Rounded FoldWhiskers:Blue Tipped White (Boo Boo)Size:NormalOwner:RagdollSessanOpening Bid: 300L Fur: Ocicat – PlatinumEyes: Dreamy OasisShade: Porcelain, Twinkle, BlushTail: Fluffy, Super PoshEars: Dreamy Fold, TuftedWhiskers: Chocolate TippedWhisker Shape: Light Wave, Double Dreamy,

Furever Beach

Visit our library to learn all about kittycats at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Furever%20Beach/13/125/32 Sell your kittycats at our live area right by Calypso Bay auction at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Furever%20Beach/39/122/32 Or visit the kittycat zoo full of special kitties at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Furever%20Beach/45/92/32 See you soon!

Calypso Bay Kittycat auction

https://cat.kittycats.de/lsstage.php?id=235Auction Time: Tuesday 8:00am SLT Panel 1 Fur:Cheetah! – TangerineEyes:Twilight (Mysterious|Small)Shade:BlushTail:SashayEars:Tiger FoldWhiskers:Grey Tipped Black (Swanky Lite)Size:NormalOwner:RagdollSessanOpening Bid: 300L Fur: Chateau Cat – Toffee CaramelEyes: CBS, FlowerChild Woodstock, Grey MatterShade: CBS or BrilliantTail: SolidEars: SolidWhiskers: SolidWhisker Shape: Solid Panel 2 Fur:Toyger – SnowEyes:Odyssey Crystal Rose (Mysterious|Small)Shade:NaturalTail:Super PoshEars:Odyssey No. 1Whiskers:Chocolate Tipped (Double

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