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Spoken Word – My Truth

A poem written by Luana Masters


Are we habituated in spreading rumours and hatred? May be that’s why we are so sad and are discontented. Success through true hardships give all of us true joy, fake success!Our mental peace and happiness certainly destroy. To be truly happy we have to call a spade a spade, if

My Mirror

As night falls and you lay beside me in this shared bed I wonder at how you sink so quickly into your slumber and wonder if I may have played some small role in my service, ever trying ever falling short in some small way I curl against my pillow

My Truth

I am a slave because that is what I need It is what I must be for order to reign in my world, in this reality around me which threatens constantly to rend me and change me, to mold me into something I am not without regard for the fact

Your Collar Perfects Me

At the mere whisper of your name, I find myself trembling A fire lighting to burn me, devour me, turning me to ash that I might be reborn again In your vision, a creature of your own making Molded by your hand and massaged by the device Of my greatest

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