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Elite Group Gift

HITS left a gift out for you on the wall in the elite area. It is a custom mesh table with champagne, glasses and a vase with pussy willows. It is copy.mod. Enjoy!

Current Raffle

1000 L Gift Card to smooching Serpents Ends Friday at 6 PM slt http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bondage%20Bay/136/69/42

Emerald Hunt – 1L per Emerald

Look for tiny emeralds all over the SIM. Touch them to receive 1 L. You must be wearing your group tag to find emeralds. Watch local chat for messages about which group and your distance from them after touching them.

Free Gifts

All of the Bondage Bay free gifts and full perm sounds are now located in a sign near the ad boards in the mall. Click it to get a menu. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bondage%20Bay/125/170/42 These gifts are accessible without a group tag. Look for these signs.

Group Gift out for September

It’s a super-secret monthly group gift, it will only be out for this month, next month, it’s gone. Remember to wear your group tag. Tell your favorite friends, don’t tell your enemies. giggles. It is your secret to share or not. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bondage%20Bay/134/100/42

Bondage Bay Hunt Daily Quest Hints

Bondage Bay Hunt Daily Quest Don’t forget to get your credit card from the ATM first, by Empire Apparel Bondage Bay Hunt Daily Quest Don’t forget to get your credit card from the ATM first, by Empire Apparel 1. Touch the ATM in front of Empire Apparel 2. Complete quests/mysteries

The Case of the Missing Girls

The Case of the Missing Girls is a mystery you have to solve. Register and get a credit card at the ATM by Empire Apparel for before starting. The reward is 50 bondage bay dollars if you can solve this case. You may do this once per day. If you

Bondage Bay Toybox Hunt Info

Bondage Bay Toybox Hunt Info Pandora’s Toybox has been opened and is contents scattered all over the sim! Help us find all of the toys and return them to the Toybox to receive some awesome prizes! 1. Search for the Dildos hidden around the Sim. They are hidden on this

7Seas Fishing

The House in the Sun has sponsored a 7Seas fishing area for the club. You will find a list of newly added prizes at https://houseinthesunsl.blogspot.com/p/7seas-fishing.html Want to sponsor us by adding your custom prize giver? Talk to Dream Masters (lady.stromfield)

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