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Show Off Your Photos

Do you love taking photos? Love to show them off? Love to share them? Have your own blog? Share your photos to our Flickr group https://www.flickr.com/groups/14625596@N20/ . Only two rules. They must not have nudity and they must be taken at the Furever Beach SIM. Photos that do not meet

Weekly Party Schedule

Monday DJ AL& Bobbi 8-10 Thursday Dj ScheduleDJ Beth 12-2 — Host KaraDJ Caitlynn2-4 — Host Ms.CatDJ Becky 4-6 — Host Rhianna —-> starts 3/19 Cait still hostess till than Friday DJ ScheduleDJ Ana 12-2 — Host Ms. CatDJ Beth 2-4 – Host SneakDJ Cherry 4-6 — Host Cait &

Oritsu Village

Oritsu Village is the newest addition to the Elite Areas.It is separated from the Elite mainland and using the TP Portal is required to reach Oritsu Village.Oritsu translated means Royal. Oritsu Village was built in the late 17th century, secluded on a island in the middle of the crater lake

Add your photos to our FLICKR group


Elite Group Open House & Christmas Event

The weekend of Thursday Dec 19th – Sunday Dec 22ndWe invite you all to visit and explore the new Elite members area.Security will be off so no 1 gets bounced off sim 🙂 The djs will have treats and gifts for all you naughty Gladiators during their sets and contests

The Collarsseum Elite Group 1st Letter.

The Collarsseum Elite Group is a group created for the true and serious BDSM life stylers.This is a pay to join group. The reason for this is we want only the BDSM life stylers that are serious and true to the life style.What ever your fetish or kink might be.Relax

Elite Group Gift

HITS left a gift out for you on the wall in the elite area. It is a custom mesh table with champagne, glasses and a vase with pussy willows. It is copy.mod. Enjoy!

Bloody Bay Is Open & More

Do you love Halloween? https://collarsseumclub.wordpress.com/bloody-bay-halloween-addition/ Use the teleporters to get there! Check the blog for information, link above. Collarsseum Club Elite Group You may have noticed an elite group joiner on the wall by the stage in the club and wondered. There is a paid Elite group and our first

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