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Kitty Carnival Auction

Kitty Carnival AuctionTuesday 8:00am SLThttps://cat.kittycats.de/lsstage.php?id=235http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Furever%20Beach/38/140/32 Panel 1 Fur:Siamese – LilacEyes:Pomegranate (Mysterious|Small)Shade:IllumeTail:FussyEars:MysteriousWhiskers:Latte (Dreamy)Size:PetiteOwner:princealexis26Opening Bid: 300L Hiders: Fur: Maine Coon – Silver Tortoiseshell, Bengal – BlackEyes: Fancie Pink DiamondShade: TwinkleTail: WildEars: VampireWhiskers: Chocolate Tipped FlameWhisker Shade: Double Dreamy Panel 2 Fur:Tiger! – Pinkie WinkieEyes:FlowerChild Dylan (Mysterious|Small)Shade:TwinkleTail:SassyEars:Soft CurlWhiskers:Chocolate Tipped (Double Dreamy)Size:NormalOwner:debbieramey44Opening Bid: 400L

Tiki Kittycats Auction

Today at 1:30 PM SLT https://cat.kittycats.de/lsstage.php?id=192 All the details: 1. Snowshoe – CreamHuckleBerry (M|S)PorcelainLushPointed Soft FoldCream (Lite Dream) Opening Bid: 500L Fur: Australian Mist – Ginger, Chateau Cat – Toffee CaramelEyes: Dreamy OasisShade: CBS or BlushTail: Super PoshEars: Dreamy Fold, EquineWhiskers: Latte, Flame,Whisker Shape: Swanky Lite 2. Siamese – FlameCaramel

Tiki Kittycats Auction

View the lineup at https://cat.kittycats.de/lsstage.php?id=192 1. Tiger! – ChartreuseBlue Ice (M|S)NaturalFussyRounded FoldWhite (Mysterious) Opening Bid: 400L Fur: Pandie – PlatinumEyes: Crystal Spring, Gerbera Purple, Odyssey BelliniShade: Porcelain, TwinkleTail: PuffEars: Odyssey Rounded Fold, Soft Curl, Scotty FoldWhiskers: 2 Tone Black & White, Butterscotch Tipped BlackWhisker Shape: Double Dreamy 2. Australian Mist

Camelot Kitty Auction

The Auction starts at 5am slt Wednesday 10/14/2020. We got lots of great sweet kitties needing you to bring them home for cuddles. Check them out and bring your kitty lovin friends.The Line up:https://cat.kittycats.de/lsstage.php?id=218 Come join ushttp://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Furever%20Beach/214/216/2501

Tiki kittycats auction

9/30/2020https://cat.kittycats.de/lsstage.php?id=192 1. Tiger! – BubbleGumOdyssey Bellini (M|B)TwinkleSwankyPointed Soft FoldChocolate (Plush) Opening Bid: 300L Hiders: Fur: Australian Mist – Light Chocolate Marble, Foxie – Salt & Pepper MaskEyes: OnyxShade: Solid or Flash, BlushTail: Solid or SashayEars: Soft CurlWhiskers: LatteWhisker Shape: Light Wave, Swanky, Double Plush, Swanky Lite 2. Siamese – BlueGrape

Raffle Boards & Shops for rent

We have only 3 raffle boards to rent near main landing for 10L per day at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Furever%20Beach/124/185/32 We also have a couple of shops for rent at this location. These are custom mesh tiki huts designed exclusively for Furever Beach, they are 1l per prim.http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Furever%20Beach/124/185/32

Camelot Kitty Auction Wednesday at 5:00 am slt/pdt

You can view the current lineup at https://cat.kittycats.de/lsstage.php?id=218 but do be sure to continue checking back as the lineup changes and more additional cats are added before the auction starts. There is still time left to add your pretty kitty to the lineup at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Furever%20Beach/244/215/2502. The auction panels cost 25l

Camelot Kitty Auction


July 9th – July 12th Events

Bondage Bay Kittycat Auction 1:30-3pm slt.Come buy the pussy you need. 🙂 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bondage%20Bay/154/83/42 Thursday Dj Schedule DJ Becky 4-6 — Host Ms Cat Friday DJ Schedule DJ Arithon 12-2 — Host Flame DJ Princess Elle 2-4 – Host DocSensual Delights Night – Best in Harness-Silk or Leather250, 500 & 1000L

Bondage Bay Kittycats Auction

We have 7Seas & Virtual Fishing plus a carnival with games, rides and hundreds of prizes available and Surfing and boating on the beach. We have rentals available, both shops & tents or carts at 1L per prim. We offer sim wide advertising on rotating ad boards, look in the

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