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Today’s Schedule – Sunday Events

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bondage%20Bay/150/84/42 DJ Dr Donut (Doc) Host: Lyn 10-12DJ Beth 12-2 — Host Ms.CatDJ Ana 2-4 — Host SneakDJ Masters 4-6 — Host Cait Watch for schedule changes next week!

Events that are certain to make you smile, laugh and dance starting right now. Blow up your Sunday!

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bondage%20Bay/155/78/42 Sunday DJ Schedule – All times listed in SLT / PST DJ Dr. Donut 10 AM -12 PM — Host: Caitlynn Hi there! My name is Doc, and I am a Half-Elf. I don’t bite (too hard), so don’t be afraid to say hello! I play mainly 80s and

Dreaming With Dream: Episode 7 – HIS

Make a new friend from Wednesday to Sunday from noon – 8 PM that is sure to make you smile. Chat with Caitlynn, don’t be afraid, be like Adam Sandler and get yourself out there! Discover The Collarsseum Club.

You can chat, explore and make yourself a new friend anytime from noon – 8 PM SLT from Wednesday to Sunday every week. There is no need to be lonely or to feel alone, searching empty sims and visiting empty clubs for someone to talk to anymore. Caitlynn is always

Dreaming With Dream: Episode 1 – Satan’s Follower

Event in progress


Weekend of February 14th

Friday DJ Schedule DJ Caitlynn 12-2 — Host CatDJ Josie 2-4 – Host SneakDJ Cherry 4-6 — Host Cait & Cat (alternate every week)DJ Caitlynn 6-8 — Host Doc (Donut Doc) Saturday DJ Schedule DJ Luana 10-12 – CaitDJ Lisa 12-2 — Host CatDJ Masters 2-4 — Host CatDJ Elle

Special Event @ Collarsseum

We have a special event in the main club for you tonight. 6-8 PM SLT If I’ve piqued your interest

Oritsu Village

Oritsu Village is the newest addition to the Elite Areas.It is separated from the Elite mainland and using the TP Portal is required to reach Oritsu Village.Oritsu translated means Royal. Oritsu Village was built in the late 17th century, secluded on a island in the middle of the crater lake

Saturday & Sunday Events

Saturday DJ ScheduleDJ Luana 10-12 – CaitDJ Beth 12-2 — Host CatDJ Masters 2-4 — Host CatDJ Elle 4-6 — Host Doc Sunday Dj ScheduleDJ Syerrah 10-12 — Host DocDJ Beth 12-2 — Host LisaDJ Josie 2-4 — Host DocDJ Masters 4-6 — Host Cait

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