Our Dicktionary

A guide to understanding what is being said in the Collarsseum club.

Assuary: She thought I was going to force her to her knees and gag her on my cock but assuary I was meaning to take her ass up face down. (Assuary)

Crazinessishy: A level of craziness only experienced by Cat.

Dickstracted: Distracted by dick or a man

Laytex: Latex worn by Collarsseum Club girls

Monopulated: monopolized

Pervose: Perving with a purpose

Seed: Saw, “I saw it”

Titstracted: Distracted by tits or a woman

Welcum: Welcome

The ice weasels come at night: She/he has cold feet

Angry weasel sex: Sex while angry

Hallway sex: Saying fuck you in passing

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