Employee Q&A

We’ve chosen to write up a FAQ / Q&A section for our employees to avoid misunderstandings and will update it as needed.

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How do I report absences?

You can report an absence 24 hours in advance by discord or in-world (note card or im John0than Resident).

How do I resign?

We hope you won’t want to but if you must, you can note card John0than Resident or Lady Stromfield.

Who approves my themes or contests?

Themes or contests can only be approved by John0than Resident or Lady Stromfield. Please submit them to John0than Resident.

Who approves my music choices?

You do. If you are truly worried about your choices, contact John0than Resident or Lady Stromfield.

Do I require a mentor?

No, not at all. If we see a specific issue, we will address it and then one of us will address it with you. If it is brought to you, it will and must have been discussed by and with John0than Resident & Lady Stromfield prior to being brought to you. Only these two avatars are members of management and have any right to discuss anything to do with your music, djing, or work with you unless you specifically request differently.

Do I require a protector?

No. We do not believe in protectors and do not recognize them. We are all adults with mute buttons who can log out or im the owners. Anyone acting as a protector in any way is breaking our SIM rules. We have security.

Can someone from the staff bring me somewhere else?

No One here can take you anywhere else from here without you specifically asking and wanting to go. No staff member should EVER be taking club guests or employees to another SIM or club, EVER, of any type unless they have specifically asked them to. No staff should EVER be promoting or handing out landmarks to any other SIM or store without our direct permission unless during an event sponsored by that specific store or SIM. This one is incredibly important. Do it and you will find us in your ims.

I understand sending ims to your friends lists about your sets HOWEVER, do not add people here to your friends lists specifically for that purpose. You are working here and paid to provide a service here. We do not mind that you work in other clubs but we are trying to build a community here, not elsewhere. Please respect that.

Have a question not covered here? IM management for an answer.

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