Club Rules

Welcome to the Collarsseum Club.
selective focus photography of smiling woman wearing gray dress dancing

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An adult club for your entertainment and pleasures. 
All-inclusive = BDSM, Vanilla, Human, Furry, any humanoid sized. 
The Collarsseum club offers live DJs, Live performers, dancers, weekly events and areas for indulging in your pleasures. 
It is absolutely forbidden to advertise other groups, clubs or sims here, which includes sending out group invites to people while here. This goes for sponsors as well. We advertise our sponsors well and expect the rules followed. Having a group inviter out at the store here if they have one is a different matter.
Yes, we are a BDSM club and sim. However, displaying your penis should only happen when you are engaged in sex. Bondage Bay and other areas around the sim set up for sexual role play as are a couple of dance poles and furniture in the club. 
Have respect for each other and have fun. 
If you are submissive, slave or dominant we ask you mind those mannerisms and be polite to all. 
We welcome everyone and all. 
No Poaching!
No Drama! 
No Harassing other guests or staff. 
No biting or invites to be bitten or clawed. 
This is a NO combat sim. You may wear weapons, but they must never be drawn or be used. Whips are an exception for BDSM RP.




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