Bloody Bay – Halloween Addition!

Closed for the year! See you next year!!

Thank you, Caitlynn for the great pictures!

Death comes to ALL

Bloody Bay once known as Vonshire Bay named after the founding brothers is a chain of 9 small islands all surrounded by the blood reddened waters.
Once a thriving community of small villages and 2 manors.
A bloody feud erupted between the lords of the manors.
Lord Carlson Von Erlich and Baron Davious Von Erlich.
Lord Von Erlich seeking to gain the upper hand in the feud made a bargain with a witch. She cast a spell over the villagers who worked the lands for Lord Carlson and served in his manor.

The Baron hearing of this witch work entered into a pact with a demon to force his servants kill every man, woman and child.
The villagers turned on each other. Falling into a spell driven madness, they slaughtered one another mercilessly.
Even the children were caught in this bloody spell and enacted
in murderous horrors.
The demon not wanting to lose to a mere witch, cast a 2nd spell on the villagers and the Baron himself. That though they feel death, they shall not die. Soon after a villager died they returned to kill again. But not as they were before death. Now they are the living dead.

A full century has passed and they continue to walk the islands searching for their next victim.
Those on the main land now refer to the chain of islands as
Bloody Bay.
Most stay clear of the islands, but those thinking themselves brave enough, strong enough, dare step foot in Bloody Bay.

None have ever returned. YOU ARE NEXT…..

What awaits you in Bloody Bay….

Set your sun position to midnight. Turn sounds up. No Flying.
When riding the Blood Flume use mouse view for best visuals.

Take a ride on the Blood Flume (log ride). Dare you challenge the Death Plunge? A 50 meter free fall over the blood falls into Bloody Bay.
If you survive and wish to challenge your sanity. Then venture the chain of islands. The undead, demon spawns and bloody horrors await you. And they are HUNGRY!

Find your way thru the maze of each island using the remaining bridges to get to the END where a teleport to safety awaits those whom survive.

The Great Pumpkin Hunt:
There are 16 special pumpkins hidden around Bloody Bay.
Each 1 contains a Trick 0r Treat.
Happy Hunting and Have a BLOODY good time.

Use the teleporters to reach this halloween area!

Ky had an electrifying experience.

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