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The Most Important Part of Working In A Club Is Attendance

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When contacting our staff, please use note cards as we all get capped daily and hourly. We are a non-discriminating employer. We hire regardless of avi type or disability so long as you are able to do your job, are over legal age (18+) and do not look like a child avatar.

On duty penises are not allowed. All tip jars are connected to our biggest tipped and biggest donor contests.   There are tip jars and furniture out everywhere for the dancers, please log in before dancing. The dancers receive 100% tips.       secondlife:///app/group/6e6a06a4-7889-e1a0-daee-7700c529255b/about  

We accept female and male avatars of adult human size. Please, no anime dancers. Mesh bodies are required. We do want to provide a high quality of service here and to do so, we require your participation. Please dress yourself well or be naked, either is permissible.

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Club Dancers

You will receive 100% of all your tips and may dance at any time. You must log into and be paid through our tip jars.


Please contact John0than Resident in the SL world or on our discord. Many shifts are available. Be sexy, flirty, outgoing. Have a mesh body because you are in a digital world and appearance matters! We’re not looking for spammers that fill chat so no one can talk, we are looking for hosts that actually talk to and interact with our guests. We want hosts that promote the club, the sim, and the sponsors while keeping guests entertained. We want hosts that can generally hold their internet connection during the events they are hosting. We want hosts that aren’t afraid to work in an adult BDSM environment and have a sense of humor. We want hosts that love the attention and understand that their tips generally reflect how much the crowd loves them and what they are doing and constantly seek to improve.

We have no issue with our hosts working in other clubs as well, so long as they are on time and present for their shifts with us. Many hosts eventually find they love our club so much that they become nearly exclusive to us and that is not bragging. Hosts are not permitted to couple dance while hosting, their attention should be on the crowd. The customers ARE the club and we want them to have the best time possible.

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  Please contact John0than Resident to discuss available shifts. Pick your own themes or have none, play your own genre. There is no minimum number of shifts, so long as you play once a week at least, we are good. Talk to us today! We are looking for DJs of any genre who understand that although it is the club’s responsibility to promote the club and events, building a following is all on them. We can put the people there but we cannot make them like you, that is on the DJ. We want confident, outgoing DJs who know it’s not all about them and can keep their egos in check. We want DJs who can read and please the crowd, who interact with the crowd rather than just stand there like a bump on a log. We want DJs with their own stream and we don’t mind if they play at other clubs so long as they are on time and present for their shifts reliably.

DJs are welcome to dance with their sub/slave/Dom/girlfriend/boyfriend etc.. while DJing but not with random guests. Of course when you are not on shift, you can do as you like. We want your focus on the guests during your shifts remembering that they could choose to be anywhere but chose to be there listening to you. We want professionals who don’t drag their drama and bad vibes with them to work. We want DJs who are proud to work here and place the club in their picks with their schedule. We want to hire adults who can act like adults, show up and remain professional. We have been known to fire exceptional DJs for their inability to show up or be professional, you are only truly a great DJ if you are present and professional with both staff and customers. It is better to have no DJ than a no-show DJ.

Need DJ training? Want to DJ In SL or just want to run your own music stream in or out of SL? S&I DJ School can help you learn in 2 hours. Visit for information and get your free headphones.. He can also go over your SAM Settings to optimize what you need.
S&I DJ School

More info at

If you own your own club, you need not apply, please. 

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LIVE Performers (Mix DJs & Singers, etc.)

We do hire live performers of all sorts. You must play in the club or at poolside. You are welcome to contact Caitlynn (caitlynn34) to discuss available shifts.   We love live performers of all kinds and we love helping out those who are new to performing in SL by providing them with a place where they can perform. Live performers must have their own stream. We do not deal with managers, we deal directly with the performer themselves because the performer is who we are interested in. All live performers must have an interview where they perform a minimum of two songs for us. We understand that performers face special challenges that DJs do not (like losing their voice or equipment breaking down) and although 2 no-shows without contact will still mean us letting them go, we do simply ask that they let us know that they cannot perform, why and for about how long in advance so that we advertise their shows correctly. We are looking for performers who can perform here regularly at least once per week.

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