Month: December 2020

Flying Dutchman Kitty Auction

It’s time for the Flying Dutchman Kitty Auction! Great lineup today!! by for some holiday cheer!

Old Group Closed

If you were ejected from The Collarsseum Club group : We closed that group, notices have been sent about this. Sorry for any inconvenience. Happy holidays! Furever Beach group secondlife:///app/group/572fce9e-0380-e0b8-900d-4ff3ae4ebbb1/about

Sized kitty prizes!

Today at 8:00 am slt sized kitty prizes for draw for Christmas!Petite 9T Radiant Tiger ShadowTeacup 4T Hiding Pixie Roundedand first name drawn at end of auction: Teacup Mr. Grouch See you at 8:00 am SLT!

Kitty Carnival Auction

Stage-Listing – Somewhere…. – Area 05 ( Panel 1 Fur:Tiger! – Pinkie WinkieEyes:Fancie Indigo Diamond (Mysterious|Small)Shade:BlushTail:Super FussyEars:Scotty FoldWhiskers:Flame (Dreamy)Size:NormalOwner:John0thanOpening Bid: 600L Fur: Tiger! – Golden TicketEyes: Grey MatterShade: RadiantTail: SolidEars: Pixie TuftedWhiskers: CBS or Chocolate Tipped, Chocolate Tipped FlameWhisker Shape: Double Dreamy, Swanky Lite Panel 2 Naughty Kitty! – Naughty

Free Gift #9

Originally posted on The House in the Sun:

Merry Xmas! Gifts!

Well, I’m a bit behind due to RL health concerns but I have not forgotten about all of you! The first 6 Christmas presents are out at Keep your eyes peeled as more are coming!Enjoy and Happy holidays.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

Take time to focus on the good in your life! 🙂

Tiki Kittycats Auction

Stage-Listing – Somewhere…. – Area 01 ( Panel 1 Fur:Australian Mist – Dark ChocolateEyes:Bronze (Mysterious|Small)Shade:PorcelainTail:LushEars:Pointed Soft FoldWhiskers:Chocolate (Swanky)Size:NormalOwner:ArcadiamystOpening Bid: 400L Fur: Toyger – TawnyEyes: HuckleBerry, Odyssey Bellini, Exotic JourneyShade: BlushTAIL: Super PoshEars: CBS or Scotty FoldWhiskers: Chocolate Tipped FlameWhisker Shape: Double Snappy, Double Plush Panel 2 Box 0TNutCracker SweetS! –


Stage-Listing – Somewhere…. – Area 04 ( Announcements:Furever Beach has 3 auctions each week.The Kitty Carnival – Tuesdays 8am slt.The FLYING DUTCHMAN Kitty Auction – Thursdays 9am slt.The Tiki Kitty Auction – Thursdays – 1:30pm slt. The Furever Beach Kitty Park & Zoo. A work in progress as the zoo

Carnival Kitty Auction Stage-Listing – Somewhere…. – Area 05 ( Panel 1 Fur:Chimera – Charcoal MistEyes:Grey Matter (Curious|Big)Shade:NaturalTail:DreamyEars:Tiger FoldWhiskers:Butterscotch Tipped Black (Guitar)Size:NormalOwner:John0thanOpening Bid: 3000L Fur: SolidEyes: SolidShade: BlushTail: LushEars: Super PoshWhiskers: SolidWhisker Shape: Swanky Lite Panel 2 Fur:Tiger! – ShadowEyes:Slate Black (Mysterious|Small)Shade:GlitterTail:FussyEars:Mysterious Odyssey FoldWhiskers:Latte (Swanky)Size:NormalOwner:ArcadiamystOpening Bid: 300L Fur: Australian Mist – Blue

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