Month: October 2020


There is a new kittycat auction on the grid.The FLYING DUTCHMAN Kitty Auction, on Furever Beach beginsThursday, November 5th, 9am slt.Your Auctioneer is John0than Masters The panel board is active and only 25L for a panel.Please have your kitty set up by Wednesday 9am slt. The raffle kitty is set

Collarsseum Club – A note from John0than

With a sadness and a lil anger I resolved to close the door on the Collarsseum Club. I can point at who, causes and reasons why, but bottom line is no 1 is coming to sets n events.But the only names I will call out are those I like to

Teleporting Around The SIM

You’ll find small blue teleports around the SIM. they will take you where you want to go, including to the Halloween Maze with free gifts. it won’t be up much longer so go see it now! Photo of teleporter for all your news!

Tiki Kittycats Auction

Today at 1:30 PM SLT All the details: 1. Snowshoe – CreamHuckleBerry (M|S)PorcelainLushPointed Soft FoldCream (Lite Dream) Opening Bid: 500L Fur: Australian Mist – Ginger, Chateau Cat – Toffee CaramelEyes: Dreamy OasisShade: CBS or BlushTail: Super PoshEars: Dreamy Fold, EquineWhiskers: Latte, Flame,Whisker Shape: Swanky Lite 2. Siamese – FlameCaramel

A Race Track For Megas (Kittycats)

John0than Masters worked hard on this and I think it is absolutely delightful! A race track for anyone to use to run around on their Megas or race each other. Fantastic! You’ll need our group tag (The Collarsseum Club Group) to rez your Mega.

Tiki Kittycats Auction

View the lineup at 1. Tiger! – ChartreuseBlue Ice (M|S)NaturalFussyRounded FoldWhite (Mysterious) Opening Bid: 400L Fur: Pandie – PlatinumEyes: Crystal Spring, Gerbera Purple, Odyssey BelliniShade: Porcelain, TwinkleTail: PuffEars: Odyssey Rounded Fold, Soft Curl, Scotty FoldWhiskers: 2 Tone Black & White, Butterscotch Tipped BlackWhisker Shape: Double Dreamy 2. Australian Mist

Camelot Kitty Auction

The Auction starts at 5am slt Wednesday 10/14/2020. We got lots of great sweet kitties needing you to bring them home for cuddles. Check them out and bring your kitty lovin friends.The Line up: Come join us

Maze of the Lost

Set your sun setting to Midnight and turn up your sounds.No Flying or caming ahead It will just ruin your fun. 🙂Find the Blood Pumpkins hiding special items along the way. *** Note card attached below FUREVER BeachMaze of the Lost INFO: Set your sun setting to Midnight and turn

Our new landing point & sky Mall

You can still teleport to anywhere, don’t worry, we left that in tact….:) . This is just the new landing point for those landing via search.

A brief walk in the market

Originally posted on The House in the Sun:
Things are getting strange in the market….. Stop by for your tricks & treats

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