Month: September 2020

Kittycats Sale

It’s time to clear the way for the new wave of pretty kittycats, so I’ve put my cats on sale at for tonight. Many are just 100L. At the end of the night, most of what is left will simply be menageried to clear space.Grab it while you can!Deal

Show Off Your Photos

Do you love taking photos? Love to show them off? Love to share them? Have your own blog? Share your photos to our Flickr group . Only two rules. They must not have nudity and they must be taken at the Furever Beach SIM. Photos that do not meet

Collarsseum Radio

Listen to Collarsseum radio in Second Life at Hear great Indie artists, discover new favorites, listen to new and old time radio shows. Discover Collarsseum Radio

Empire Apparel

Empire Apparel has set up shop right by our new art gallery at

Tiki Kittycats Auction

Tiki Kittycats Auction @ 1:30 PM SLT 1. Snowshoe – CreamDreamy Hideaway (M|S)PorcelainMysteriousMysterious Odyssey FoldLatte (Guitar) Opening Bid; 400L Hiders: Fur: Toyger – SnowEyes: Galaxy Comet, Exotic Seas, Odyssey BelliniShade: Twinkle, Blush, Poss. UnknownTail: Fluffy, Lush, Super PoshEars: Scotty Fold, TuftedWhiskers: Flame, Chocolate Tipped, Chocolate Tipped FlameWhisker Shape: Double Dreamy,

DJ cherryBomb at The Collarsseum club

Join us on the beach from 2-4 PM SLT for DJ CherryBomb! DJ CherryBomb has been a SL DJ since 2008. She was inducted into the SL DJ Hall of Fame October 2018.

Fishbowl Raffle

We’ve added a fishbowl raffle for the collarsseum club group members. All you need to do is visit our sim and enter. This being said, there is a rule imposed by the system itself, read below: • The draw is 100% random. (Using very strong function to achieve this!)• If

Fishing at Furever Beach

Fish in style in a tropical paradise, we have many different systems for you to try. We’ve been providing fishing areas and supporting fishing systems for over a decade within Second Life now, wherever Dream sets will find fishing. We’ve got 7seas Fishing with hundreds of custom prizes, Virtual

Camelot Kitty Auction Wednesday at 5:00 am slt/pdt

Originally posted on The Collarsseum Club & Kittycats Market:
You can view the current lineup at but do be sure to continue checking back as the lineup changes and more additional cats are added before the auction starts. There is still time left to add your pretty kitty to…

A Tropical Paradise

Furever Beach is the home of the Collarsseum Club and Kittycats Market. We’re a secondary kittycats market that offers shopping in a beautiful tropical paradise island with beaches, surfing, a carnival where you can win real prizes, fishing and romantic spots as well as live DJ events with dancing. Featured

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