Make a new friend from Wednesday to Sunday from noon – 8 PM that is sure to make you smile. Chat with Caitlynn, don’t be afraid, be like Adam Sandler and get yourself out there! Discover The Collarsseum Club.

You can chat, explore and make yourself a new friend anytime from noon – 8 PM SLT from Wednesday to Sunday every week. There is no need to be lonely or to feel alone, searching empty sims and visiting empty clubs for someone to talk to anymore. Caitlynn is always ready to talk! She loves dancing and she hates sitting all alone.

If she is afk (away from keyboard) when you get there, shoot her an im and hang out for a minute, she’ll be right back. 🙂 She is one of the friendliest people you’ll meet. She loves to dance and has actually been mistaken for a bot because she is there so much, but don’t worry, she’s very real and a paid employee as well as a good friend and the manager of the club.

You’ll often see Beth there with her, she is a club DJ. You’re not interrupting, don’t be shy, walk in and say hello! Yes, we are a BDSM club but we welcome everyone and our first rule is respect for all, BDSM or vanilla…human avi or furry. We don’t care. Dress how you want, be crazy, be naked, be fully covered. It’s all about making new friends, being social, enjoying great music and being yourself in a welcoming environment.

We have google calendar boards up so you can easily find out when we are holding events and Caitlynn will be happy to tell you all about them. She knows what kind of music each DJ plays and when our contests are.

Looking for a job? Caitlynn can help you with that too. We hire dancers, hosts, DJs and live singers. We are currently looking for live performers for our elite area. If you are a live performer, please contact John0than Resident in world.

For those who like to get kinky, we have Bondage Bay and a nude beach where anyone is welcome, fully furnished with all the cool toys. You can use them for free. Elites have access to special themed areas for their playtime. Do you make awesome bondage or BDSM furniture and want to see your toys out there for everyone to use? Contact John0than Resident and we’ll set you up as a sponsor. You can either provide items as prizes or ask us to set them out for us, hey, why not do both?

We’re excited and ready to meet you! So, what are you waiting for? Stop by now!

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