Smile more now by thinking about who you can meet and what you can do this weekend. Don’t risk spending another moment alone when you can act now and turn on the fun by entering a new world. Once upon a time could start today.

We have an incredible lineup of DJs who just cannot wait to blow your minds and get the party going this weekend. They are a lot of fun and as varied in musical tastes and personality as you can get. I think that is one of the greatest things about this club.

Friday DJ Schedule

DJ Ana 12-2 — Host Ms. Cat
DJ Beth 2-4 – Host Sneak
DJ Cherry 4-6 — Host Cait & Cat (alternate every week)
DJ Caitlynn 6-8 — Host Doc (Donut Doc)

Saturday DJ Schedule

DJ Ana 12-2 — Host Kara —–>starts 3/14
DJ Masters 2-4 — Host Ms. Cat
DJ Elle 4-6 — Host Doc
DJ Caitlynn 6-8 — Host Doc (Donut Doc)

Sunday Dj Schedule

DJ Beth 12-2 — Host Wyn
DJ Ana 2-4 — Host Sneak
DJ Masters 4-6 — Host Cait

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