Month: February 2020

The Rave Party Is On

The black light is on, the tunes are pumpin and the glow is everywhere.

Last Weekend at The Club

Last weekend was a heck of a party. Things get out of control fast, though never in a bad way. As things tend to go around here, two of the girls in the club ended up on a pole together at a sponsor’s suggestion and it only got hotter from

Collarsseum Club Anniversary Events

Hey Gladiators March 1st is the 1 year anniversary of the Collarsseum Club and Bondage Bay.And we are CELEBRATING ALL WEEKEND LONG.Starting Friday Feb, 28th and into Sunday March 1st we will have dj events, contests and lots to give away.We wouldn’t be here if not for all you Gladiators,

This Weekend’s Events

Saturday DJ Schedule DJ Lisa 12-2 — Host CatDJ Masters 2-4 — Host CatDJ Elle 4-6 — Host DocDJ Caitlynn 6-8 — Host Doc (Donut Doc) Sunday Dj Schedule DJ Syerrah 10-12 — Host DocDJ Beth 12-2 — Host WynDJ Luana 2-4 — Host SneakDJ Masters 4-6 — Host Cait

Music Maestro Events

Saturday Feb 22nd 2-4 pm sltThe Collarsseum Club Presents ♫♪ The Music Maestro’s ♪♫Music MadNess Show ~ with ♫♪DJ Masters♪♫What * “Crops & Bobbers” A BDSM Fashion EventYour Host * CatWhen * 2-4 pm sltWhere * The Collarsseum Club300L on the board + a 500L & 250L Smooching Serpents gift

Event in progress

Today’s Events

Saturday DJ Schedule DJ Luana 10-12 – Cait : No Contest Everyone present gets a 250L gift card at half time to House in the Sun. 1 random winner gets a 500L gift card. DJ Lisa 12-2 — Host CatDJ Masters 2-4 — Host CatDJ Masters 4-6 — Host DocDJ

More photos

because it is simply enchanting

Right now!

HALFTIME @ THE FORMAL VALETINE’S BASH COME JOIN US▄ █ ▄ █ ▄ ▄ █ ▄ █ ▄ ▄ █ ▄ █ ▄█▓▒░ ❶ WHO : ★ The Music Maestro Dj MASTERS█▓▒░ ➋HOST :★★ Caitlynn█▓▒░ ➌WHAT :★Best in formal fashion★█▓▒░ ➍WHEN :★ 4-6pm Slt ★█▓▒░ ➎WHERE :★The Collarsseum█▓▒░ ❻Prizes:

Photos of Valentines Day @ The Club

Special decorations for our gladiators. 🙂

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