Month: January 2020

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DJ Beth

She is filling in for DJ Lisa right now. Cat is hosting, where are you at? Stop by and join the crowd.

Saturday & Sunday Events

Saturday DJ ScheduleDJ Luana 10-12 – CaitDJ Beth 12-2 — Host CatDJ Masters 2-4 — Host CatDJ Elle 4-6 — Host Doc Sunday Dj ScheduleDJ Syerrah 10-12 — Host DocDJ Beth 12-2 — Host LisaDJ Josie 2-4 — Host DocDJ Masters 4-6 — Host Cait

We are looking for hosts RIGHT NOW

We are looking for hosts RIGHT NOW. Hosts that can commit to a schedule that matches one of our current DJs in need. If you are outgoing, fun, enjoy music and people and can commit to a weekly schedule, contact Caitlynn (caitlynn34)

Sunday, January 5th

Sunday Dj Schedule DJ Beth 12-2 — Host Lisa — DJ Beth starts 1/5DJ Josie 2-4 — Host SneakDJ Masters 4-6 — Host Cait

Best In Latex with Hugo’s Design

Saturday, Jan. 4th

DJ Luana 10-12 – No Cait today 😦 LIVE MIXDJ Lisa 12-2 — Host CatDJ Masters 2-4 — Host CatDJ Elle 4-6 — Host DocDJ Talya 6-8 — Host Abby Today starts at 10 am SLT and goes straight to 8 PM slt. We have 4 mixed music DJ’s and

C*m As You May Shopping Event

C*m As You May Shopping Event15-30th every month Begins January 15th There is no application required and invites will only be sent to those who rent a booth.Booths cost 100L per week. You may rent only during the event or month long. Keep in mind that it is first

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