Month: January 2020

Don’t forget to vote

While at the club, don’t forget to vote for the songs you like and don’t like. Let our DJs know know what you want to hear, your votes count. They also help our DJs get seen at Every 15 minutes, during sets, a random prize is given to a

Jan 24th – 26th Open Elite Weekend Events

This is what we have planned this far but expect updates! The elite area will be open to all during this weekend. Friday DJ ScheduleDJ Caitlynn 12-2 — Host CatEvent – Silks, Chains or Leather Contest.500L, 750L & 1000L Cele’Stations gift cards to top 3Sponsored by Sensual Delights Slave Auction

A History of Oral Sex, From Fellatio’s Ancient Roots to the Modern Blow Job

It turns out that there are some things that we humans have basically been doing since the beginning of time — like complaining and putting weed in our vaginas — and oral sex happens to be one of those hallowed, ancient traditions.  Yup, that’s right, oral sex wasn’t actually popularized in the

Second Life romance ends with stalking and animal curelty… — Forums

This has to be the weirdest and saddest crime-of-virtual-passion story I’ve come across.   Kimberly Jernigan — a 33-year-old woman from North Carolina — was apparently distraught after her online relationship with a 52-year-old man from Claymont, Del., came to an end. The pair apparently met through the online community

New World Notes: Woman Stalked & Harrassed in Real Life By Men Who Did Reverse Image Search on Her Second Life Avatar

I recently received a fairly urgent e-mail from a young woman I profiled nearly a decade ago, who told me the post I had wrote about her had inadvertently caused considerable stress — for herself, and potentially, for people close to her. The post was a mixed reality profile, containing

New World Notes: Hair-Raising Story of Second Life Stalking Soon to Be Replicated in VR-Based Worlds

MONDAY, JUNE 06, 2016 Hair-Raising Story Of Second Life Stalking Soon To Be Replicated In VR-Based Worlds From /SecondLife comes this incredibly disturbing story of some SLers who were ruthlessly stalked in Second Life and into the real world: New World Notes: Hair-Raising Story of Second Life Stalking Soon to

Saturday, January 19th

It’s Dream’s Rez Day! DJ Syerrah 10-12 — Host DocDJ Beth 12-2 — Host LisaDJ Josie 2-4 — Host DocDJ Masters 4-6 — Host Cait House in the Sun is providing gift cards for all events!

DJ Elle 4-6 PM SLT

DJ Elle & Doc are rockin the club from 4-6 PM at and the new raffle is set.

DJ Master’s Open Challenge

If you vote him into the top 10 via our song voting board in the club, during his set, he will do his next set completely in the buff. They’ve been trying to get him in his birthday suit for awhile now, will they succeed? Stay tuned to find out

DJ Masters

DJ Masters, the music maestro, has taken over the club with Cat by his side. Join us in the club. 🙂 2-4 PM SLT

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