Month: October 2019

Thursday’s Events

DJ Lisa 2-4 PM slt DJ Lisa brings freestyle to the club every Thursday afternoon from 2-4 pm. Join this beautiful young lady as she rocks the club and blows your mind with amazing tunes. gift card giveaways throughout the event DJ Becky 4-6 PM slt Sponsor: House in the

The blood flume Ride

This video has been added to our Bloody Bay page but I thought I might post it so you can all see it.

The meaning of Life, Aging & The Final Death

What is life? This is a question asked by philosophers, scientists and most every human wandering this planet. To this day, we cannot all agree on what life is, what constitutes it, or what it means. Science tells us that the characteristics which define life, what is living or not

Understanding Context

The Bible: A Very Good Book From the ages of two to seven, I lived with my grandparents in a small Christian community that was largely made up of farms and farmers. The town itself could be quite easily walked through in a short period of time, in those days.

Happy Tuesday

Today is one of our break days without events, it’s a nice break. We’ve added games to the mall area with the fishing and the sploder. You can play greedy while watching strippers, there is skippo and four other games. The greedy table gives prizes to the top three scores


It’s coming to mid-week and the ad boards are all in place both in the mall and inside the club itself. Ad boards are open to all, require no group, offer social media plugins and range from 25L – 400L per week depending on size. Now is the time, before

10 Worst Pick Up Lines In SL

A list of the 10 worst pick-up lines I’ve seen in SL in my time. Do not use these…. Sex? Wanna sex wif u? U R sex on legs U have great tits Suck my cock Fuck me Come over here TP me What you wearing sexy? Is your Master

So, What is this place about?

The club is a club, so that is obvious. The most common question we get asked, so, what is this place about, outside of the club? Looks at all the sex furniture, looks back to the person asking the question, looks to the dance poles with tip jars, looks back

Sunday’s Events Sunday 🎧 October 13th 🎧 Wear what you like and join the music maestro, DJ Masters, from 2-4 PM for a party full of pop, rock, and hip hop. Random prize giveaways will take place throughout the party.

Saturday’s Events

Saturday 🎧 October 12th 🎧 DJ Masters is having a pool party, use the side door to reach our pool area. It’s the best in swimwear contest with 500L on the board. Let’s think warm and dress for summer while we listen to the tunes that the music maestro

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