Month: October 2019

Thursday 10/31

Thursday 🎧 October 31st 🎧 DJ Lisa 2-4 PM Come Rock out to some great tunes with Dj Lisa she bring with her music from the 70s all the way through the 2000s, some rock as well as some oldies, enough to get you going throughout. DJ Becky 4-6


Ice cream bars are loaded and more will follow. 5l a pop in our mall, grab some ice cream or buy it for a friend. Then head out shopping. We’ve got two new stores to browse.

Monday 10/28

They love to play an incredible mix of music and love taking your requests. They are very interactive with the guests and just generally a whole lot of fun. You definitely don’t want to miss out on these parties.

Music Maestro’s Halloween Ball – Rescheduled

Due to sl fraggin up this past weekend. I was not able to bring you the Music Maestro’s Halloween Ball. Never fear Gladiators. Thursday, Oct. 31st, 6pm slt “The Music Maestro’s Halloween Ball” is on. It’s a costume party and contest. So dress up as your favorite persona, fantasy, or

Sunday 10/27

Sunday 🎧 October 27th 🎧 Oct, 27th ♪♫The Music Maestro ~ DJ Masters♪♫ What “The Music Maestro’s Halloween Ball” Costume Contest When ♪♫ 4-6 pm slt Where ♪♫ The Collarsseum Club $$$Lindens on the board. Top costume wins a Windmaster BDSM Throne. Runner ups win random sponsor gift cards.

Saturday 10/26

Saturday 🎧 October 26th 🎧 ♪♫The Music Maestro ~ DJ Masters♪♫ What ♪♫The Best Tunes♪♫ “Black & or Orange” Contest When ♪♫ 2-4 pm slt Where ♪♫ The Collarsseum Club – Pool side $500 Lindens to start the board. Random gift card Give Aways. Sponsored by Wytchwood After Dark

Friday 10/25

Friday 🎧 October 25th 🎧 DJ ‘Naughty Kitten’ Josie, bring’s her own mix of classic rock, 80’s and 90’s to the club, she love to spin and really loves when you send her requests. Her theme is gladiators & is sponsor by House In The Sun random gift cards will

What is enlightenment?

We see it often, we’ve heard about it, we see claims of being enlightened but what does it mean? What is being enlightened? defines it as to give intellectual or spiritual light to; instruct; impart knowledge to:We hope the results of our research will enlighten our colleagues.Archaic. to shed light upon. To enlighten

What is being honorable? | House in the Sun

The use of this word that we are discussing here is defined by Merriam Webster as : deserving honor and respect: having or showing honesty and good moral character: fair and proper : not deserving blame or criticism What is being honorable? | House in the Sun

Thursday’s Events 10/24/2019

Thursday 🎧 October 24th 🎧 DJ Lisa 2-4 PM Come Rock out With Dj Lisa at The Collarsseum Club with your best in superhero costume. Dj Lisa brings music from the 70s to 2000s, some rock and oldies but enough to rock your world. Best in superhero is sponsored by

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