Month: September 2019

Today’s Events 9/30

Bloody Bay Is Open & More

Do you love Halloween? Use the teleporters to get there! Check the blog for information, link above. Collarsseum Club Elite Group You may have noticed an elite group joiner on the wall by the stage in the club and wondered. There is a paid Elite group and our first

Sunday 9/29

Sunday 🎧 September 29th 🎧

Emerald Hunt – 1L per Emerald

Look for tiny emeralds all over the SIM. Touch them to receive 1 L. You must be wearing your group tag to find emeralds. Watch local chat for messages about which group and your distance from them after touching them.

Free Gifts

All of the Bondage Bay free gifts and full perm sounds are now located in a sign near the ad boards in the mall. Click it to get a menu. These gifts are accessible without a group tag. Look for these signs.

Friday’s Events 9/27

Friday  🎧  September 27th 🎧               Radio plays Rock 11-3 PM SLT             The Beast, DJ Dream  2-4 pm  slt  HOST: Caitlynn              Random prize giveaways and $L on the board        

Thursday 🎧 September 26th 🎧

Thursday   🎧   September 26th 🎧  Radio plays Blues 9-11 AM SLT  DJ Elwood 11a-1 SLT   Blues & Blues Rock  Host: Debra  DJ Elwood brings the 🎶 Blues & Blues Rock🎶 to the Collarsseum Club every Thursday from 11 am – 1 PM. This man has the soul and he’s a

Group Gift out for September

It’s a super-secret monthly group gift, it will only be out for this month, next month, it’s gone. Remember to wear your group tag. Tell your favorite friends, don’t tell your enemies. giggles. It is your secret to share or not.

We Are Hiring

We need Hosts, Dancers, DJs, Strippers, and AFK.   AFK Zone   There are tip jars and furniture out everywhere for the AFK, please log in before going AFK on the furniture. The AFK recieve 80% tips. Suggested addons include it’s not mine, EasyMover & Mama Allpa, Vaw Vagina &

My Mirror

As night falls and you lay beside me in this shared bed I wonder at how you sink so quickly into your slumber and wonder if I may have played some small role in my service, ever trying ever falling short in some small way I curl against my pillow

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