10 Reasons You Should Support This SIM & Play Here

  1. We support you right back. We are always thinking of our community and their needs. From first week of advertising free to virtual fishing, hunts, events, giveaways, sploders and raffles..we are supporting you out of our own pockets.
  2. Our rules are nothing but pure common sense. There are no rules that don’t just make sense, they are simple and few.
  3. We care about you having a good time and feeling free to be who you are and we show it in everything that we do.
  4. We are honest about who our NPC’s are, what they do, and how they assist in your experience. They do not show or count in traffic. We are up front and honest.
  5. We have some of the greatest sponsors in the grid and have tons of their toys and furniture out for you to enjoy and try out for free. Want a place to play for free with the best furniture out there? We are your place.
  6. We do not put other clubs or SIMS down to get ahead. If anything, we hold them up giving them multiple advertising opportunities on our land, a chance to sponsor events and network with them in any way we can. We lift others up.
  7. We are zero drama, period. Our rules are so few and common sense that direct and immediate action is completely reasonable which means drama has no opportunity to last here.
  8. We are as kinky as you are which means you can relax here. Whatever your interest, one of us has probably tried it, knows about it or practices it. There is zero kink shame here with the exception of anything breaking TOS or the law (involving children, etc.)
  9. We are not providing any of this as a way of getting sex, we get a lot of sex. We are not after your collar, your sub, your boyfriend/whatever. We live this, we like it, we make it freely available to you.
  10. We treat you like we want to be treated, with respect. So long as you do not look like a child avatar or take up way too much space being way too large, we will treat you just like anyone else. We are all just people and we all want and need the same things.
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